COVID-19 - Changes to Work Practices

While COVID-19 is still in circulation, we are having to make changes to the way we operate. These changes are for the benefit of both guests and ourselves and we hope that guests understand that these steps are necessary to keep them safe during their stay and also to keep us safe during the preparation and duration of their stay with us.

In order for us to provide a safe environment for all of us, we are following the Scottish Government and Health Guidelines, have obtained the recognized "We're Good to Go" Certificate and are implementing the following:

Check-in - Check-in is from 16:00.  In order to avoid a grouping of people and to maintain the required safe distance, the checking in of our guests is going to have to be in a more managed and staggered way.  The additional cleaning measures that we are putting in place will mean that we will not be accepting anyone before 16:00.  When you are ready to check in, please telephone us so that we can agree an appropriate check-in time with you.  Please do not arrive before your allotted check-in time. 

Face Coverings - The wearing of a face covering in our property is a legal requirement.  Please bring an appropriate face covering with you.  You are permitted to remove your face covering whilst in your own room or while eating or drinking at your table.  However, it must be worn at all other times including at check-in.

Safe Distancing - Guests must abide by the 2-metre safe distancing rule (where possible) when moving around the public areas of our property.

Hand Sanitiser - Hand sanitiser is available for use at the entrance to our property and also in the conservatory.  This is to be used in conjunction with the regular washing of hands.

Cleaning - We have always worked on the basis that "if you have possibly touched something - we will clean it".  This is even more relevant during these uncertain times.  We are now increasing the frequency of our cleaning throughout our property.  Laundry is always machine-washed at high temperature and tumble dried, also at high temperature.  All cutlery and crockery is always washed in a dishwasher.  Anti-bacterial cleaner is always used on all surfaces including keys, door handles, light-switches, remote controls etc.

The Rooms - Although the usual hospitality tray and toiletries are still in the rooms, the actual quantity of these items will be reduced to save waste between guests.  Additional teas, coffees, etc. will be available on request.  For hygiene reasons, spare pillows, blankets, pens and other stationery have also been removed but, again, are available on request.

Increased Air Circulation - We have increased the air circulation throughout our property, as far as the Scottish weather permits.  Windows to guests' rooms will be left open, as much as possible, prior to your arrival and it is recommended that they are opened daily, during your stay.

Drying Guests' Clothes and Boots - While COVID-19 is prevalent, any wet clothing, including walking boots, will have to be kept in the guests' room.  We will assist you, as far as possible, with the drying of any wet items.  We are happy to wash and dry your clothes (at an additional charge) as long as the clothes can be tumble dried and we are given reasonable notice of your request.

Breakfast - We will continue to offer a full cooked breakfast in our conservatory.  We will, however, be taking your breakfast order on your arrival and ask that you arrive for breakfast at an agreed time.  We will serve you breakfast at your table.  Unfortunately you will no longer be able to help yourself to certain breakfast items.

If you feel unwell - We want everyone to stay safe and well. The best way to do this is to minimise the risk of COVID-19 ever entering our property. Therefore, you must inform us if, within 14 days of check-in, you have:

Should any of the above apply, you will not be allowed to check-in and you should follow the Scottish Government Guidelines as per the link below.

If you should exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms or be tested positive while staying with us, you must follow the current Scottish Government Guidelines (as per the above link) and you will be asked to check-out and return home as per the Scottish Government Guidelines on travelling.

In addition, if you are advised to self-isolate by the official Test and Protect service operating in Scotland (or similar service), you will once again be asked to check-out and return home as per the Scottish Government Guidelines on travelling.

If you are instructed to self-isolate whilst with us, you will be charged the appropriate room rate for each additional night you spend with us. You must always remain in your room during self-isolation. We can arrange to have your food and medical supplies delivered to your room (at your own expense).

Payment - Our Payment Card Reader has been upgraded so that we can accept contactless payments by card (up to the allowed limit) or from an acceptable activated mobile device.  This is in addition to the Chip and Pin method.

Check-out - Check-out is by 10:00.  Please adhere to this check-out time to enable us time to get the rooms ready for the next guests.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home but please remember, we are all in this together and, hopefully sometime soon, we will all get our normal back.